Misterios y leyendas de Lisboa

Misterios y leyendas de Lisboa
Misterios y leyendas de Lisboa
Misterios y leyendas de Lisboa
Misterios y leyendas de Lisboa


The Portuguese capital seems immersed in an email nap. Peaceful. Serena However, the city hides inhospitable places that we will begin to discover starting from the central Plaza del Comercio. That they do not confuse their beautiful arcades painted from yellow. Not all that glitters is gold. Let's start this free tour of mysteries and legends by Lisbon!

The first stop of this special guided walk will take place in the hidden church of Lisbon. Evidently, we are not going to be as naive to reveal their exact location now. At the moment, we will only tell you that the temple is impregnated with a curious urban legend whose origin is, how to define it?, Let's say something more than surprising.

We will continue this free guided tour of the most enigmatic and mysterious Lisbon at La Rúa San Antonio. In its vicinity we will go through a grave that most tourists do not know. Until now, of course. Following the walk through this area of ​​the city we will also observe the Masonic Symbology that usually goes unnoticed. Lisbon lodges were of great importance in the past, and at present ... we entered on forbidden land that is better not to leave any trace in writing.

The next stop will take place in the Cathedral of Lisbon. What secrets will this temple hide us? Not far from this place was the housing of the most hated character in the city, whose story I am removing the conscience. If we are human, of course. The Church of San Vicente and the Alfama neighborhood will be the following protagonists of this free tour of mysteries and legends by Lisbon that we will conclude returning to the Plaza del Comercio. Just in time to protect us in the shelter of his arcades when the sun begins to hide on the horizon.


- Hidden Hidden of Lisbon

-Rua San Antonio

-Cathedral of Lisbon

-Iglesia de San Vicente

-Barrio de Alfama.

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