Excursion to Mainz by train

Excursion to Mainz by train
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    Meeting point : Frankfurt Central Station
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    Duration : 06:00
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On this excursion to Mainz from Frankfurt we will discover a city that has managed to resist after being devastated during the Second World War. Charming houses, churches and many more surprises await you on the banks of the Rhine.


At the indicated time we will meet at Frankfurt Central Station to take the train and begin our excursion to Mainz, a beautiful city located on the banks of the Rhine River.

After about 40 minutes of travel, we will arrive at our destination and embark on a guided tour of the city. First of all, we will visit the Roman vestiges of Mainz, entering the ruins of the Roman theater and the citadel.

We will continue the excursion to Mainz at the Church of St. Ignatius, located in the Altstadt neighborhood. We will also see the Church of San Agustín, one of the best examples of Rococo style buildings in the historic center of the city.

Our next stop will be at the Wooden Tower, which is one of the three medieval towers still standing in Mainz. Do you know why it is called that? We'll find out!

We will return to the historic center to explore the Cathedral, in the market square. The red sandstone basilica is one of the most important examples of Romanesque architecture in the world.

Next, we will leave you two hours of free time so that you can continue getting to know the German city on your own.

After this time, we will meet the guide again to return to Frankfurt. Arrival is scheduled six hours later.

What is included

-Return train tickets between Frankfurt and Mainz.

-Guided visit.

Meeting point - Look for the orange umbrella

Frankfurt Central Station

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