Free Tour of Old Town: afternoons

Free Tour of Old Town: afternoons
Free Tour of Old Town: afternoons
Free Tour of Old Town: afternoons
Free Tour of Old Town: afternoons
Free Tour of Old Town: afternoons
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We are proud to offer The Authentic Free Walking Tour of Antwerp!

Welcome to The City, welcome to Antwerp! Explore with us the city that was once among the richest ones of Europe and is today the most cosmopolitan, chic and fashionable one in Belgium. Join the tour, and you will find out why so many nationalities live in Antwerp, what is the deal with all the diamonds and why the heck are the Antwerpians the proudest people… ever! We will add our share of recommendations for foodies and beer fans, together with all the trending spots in the city to make your trip unique. 

How Free Tours Work?

"Free" stands for the freedom we give you to decide the price of the tour yourself, at the end of it.  In order to make our tours democratic and accessible for everyone we decided to offer our services on a Pay-What-You-Want basis. This also ensures that out guides are always giving their very best to make th tour an enriching and unforgattable experience.


  • The Grote Markt
  • The Vleeshuis
  • The Castle (Het Steen)
  • Scheldt River and The Port
  • The Zwarte Panther
  • The Friday Market
  • The Fashion Museum
  • The Rubenshuis
  • The Boerentoren
  • Cathedral of Our Lady
  • And more… 

But wait! We will also share the info that you really want to know while you visit Antwerp, like where to find:

  • The best fries
  • The most delicious places for food
  • The cheapest souvenirs
  • All the museums
  • Our favorite beers and bars!
  • And more…

Our tour guides are the best that will happen to your stay in Antwerp! They are travelers like yourself, with such an energetic enthusiasm for their city that you want to bring them with you in your lugagge!

What is included

  • Charismatic tour guides
  • Free city mapas
  • The best tips and recommendations

Meeting point - Look for the orange umbrella


Provided by Viva's Tour

The most authentic experience in Belgium

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