Guided tour of Aachen

Guided tour of Aachen
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    Meeting point : Aachen train station
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    Duration : 02:00
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The puppet fountain, the church of Saint Nicholas, the Marschiertor tower... On this guided tour of Aachen we will discover why Charlemagne himself fell in love with this city.


We will meet at the indicated time at the entrance to the Aachen Central Train Station. We will begin to reveal the origins of the city as we walk towards the Marschiertor tower, one of the vestiges of the old medieval wall.

The guided tour will then take us to the historic center of Aachen, where the Cathedral is located. Did you know that it is declared a World Heritage Site? Built at the end of the 8th century, this temple served as the coronation site for numerous kings of the Holy Roman Empire.

In addition, we will talk about Charlemagne's important legacy while we see the façade of his museum towards the City Hall. We will also walk through the main square or Marktplatz, we will see the church of San Nicolás and we will come across the fountain of the dolls. We will explain to you what each of its figures represents: Carnival masks, harlequins, horses, roosters... You will love it!

Next stop? The Elisenbrunnen, a neoclassical pavilion in front of which we will talk about the importance of the thermal waters that have also made the city famous.

We will end the guided tour at the Elisenbrunnen after two hours of walking.

What is included

Guided visit

Meeting point - Look for the orange umbrella

Aachen train station

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